"The Senior members are very approachable, and most importantly, I have seen that their main concern is the welfare of their students." Karina Ishani

College History

Newnham was established in 1871 as a house in which young women could reside while attending lectures in Cambridge, long before they were allowed to become full members of the university with the granting of degrees to women in 1948. Gill Sutherland's history of the college, from its foundation in 1871 until the present day, also contains photos from the archives, and we have added to this a very brief history of the education of women in Britain. We also have a short series of "Newnham biographies", in which members of the College and our friends attempt to convey some of the character of those who have been important to our history. We have attempted to summarise the achievements of some of our more recent notable alumnae. Finally, in case you were wondering, there is an extract from The Cambridge Armorial, unpacking the various elements of our college arms (paradoxically, although it was deemed fitting for a women's college to have its own arms, it was somehow inappropriate that we should have a crest!). Further resources for the history of the College and the education of women can be found here. 
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