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About Newnham

Accessibility and the Newnham website

Newnham College is committed to making its website accessible for all users, and to following the principles of usability and universal design.  By following these principles and incorporating techniques to ensure information and resources are accessible with assistive technologies, separate resources for disabled users should not be required.

The site has been designed to work on a wide range of different browsers, and to work (albeit less efficiently) on browsers with javaScript disabled.

All pages have buttons (next to the Quotes box) to allow you to increase text size or to render the pages in black and white for extra contrast.  The lefthand menus can be operated via the keyboard, activated by pressing ALT+Enter.

All pages on the web server aim to incorporate good navigation at three or four levels:

  • global navigation so that from any page you can jump to one of the five main site areas, or to the home page
  • left hand navigation through menus and submenus at each stage
  • a search box on every page
  • a breadcrumb trail on every page so that you can access the levels above you in the tree
  • quicklinks at the top of every page to take you to the most-used sections of the site
and also to be valid at the level of xhtml strict 1.0, attain suitable levels of WAI compliance
and use structured semantic mark up to assist speech browsers.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the accessibility of this site, or if you come across a page or resource that does not meet your access needs, please contact webmaster@newnham.cam.ac.uk and let us know, ensuring you quote the urls of the pages concerned.
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