Tuition fees

As at most English universities, in 2016-17 the tuition fees at Cambridge for UK/EU students studying for an undergraduate degree at Cambridge will be £9,000 per year for all courses (may be subject to government-approved increases in future years).

UK/EU students studying for their first undergraduate degree can take out a government Tuition Fee Loan for their tuition fees. If you do this you can defer payment of the loan until after you’ve left university and are earning a minimum salary, at which point you’ll start to repay the loan in instalments.

For UK/EU students undertaking a full year abroad in 2016-17, the tuition fee payable to the University of Cambridge during the year abroad is £1,350.

See Funding for UK students or Funding for EU students for details of the financial support we can offer.

Tuition fees for overseas students (outside the EU) vary depending on the course you are studying. Students from the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man are classified as overseas students and are therefore also charged tuition fees at the overseas rate. See Funding for Overseas students for details of possible financial support.

Overseas and Islands students pay an additional College Fee, which will be £7,823 in 2016-17.