Roll Letter

The annual Roll Letter is a round-up of the College year. It is a historical document, binding together generations of Newnhamites.

Before women were admitted to the University in 1948, the Roll was the only evidence that they had studied at Cambridge. These days the Roll Letter serves as a record of the College Year and a way for us to keep you updated with news from Newnham. The Roll Letter is posted to all alumnae at the beginning of each calendar year – make sure we have your current address if you would like to receive it.

We are always delighted to receive news from our alumnae to be published in the Roll Letter. Please complete the tear-out slip in your current Roll Letter, complete our online form or email your news to

Information for inclusion in the 2016 Roll Letter should be sent to the Roll Office by no later than 31 July 2016.

Students signing the register