Newnham College will host a special TedxNewnham event exploring the theme of ‘Embracing Challenge’ on Saturday, February 17 2018.

Be part of TedxNewnham!

We are looking for applications from Newnham College alumnae and current Newnham undergraduate and graduate students to be speakers or performers. Applications from other potential speakers from outside of Newnham College, and applications from anyone wishing to be an audience member will open in the autumn. As part of the TedxNewnham project, we are creating a Wall of Women which will feature videos submitted as part of the TedxNewnham application process.

Why Tedx?

TED, standing for Technology, Entertainment and Design, is an organisation devoted to ideas worth spreading on all topics – from science and business to global issues, art, philosophy and music – usually in the form of short, powerful talks and performances.

TEDx is the platform for TED-like community events and the TEDxNewnham will be a day of short inspirational presentations around the theme of ‘Embracing Challenge’ to an audience at Newnham. The day will also be live streamed.

Why you?

Newnhamites are known for embracing challenges – from setting up community groups to stem cell research. Do you have an idea – big or small – that you would like to share as a TEDxNewnham presenter?

What are you going to say or do?

That is up to you. You can interpret ‘Embracing Challenge’ in any way you choose. You could do anything from a talk, a song, a dance, a demonstration, an experiment, or artwork – anything that spreads an idea which is making, or could make, a difference, fits the theme and would inspire the audience. Each presentation on the day should last between 10 and 18 minutes.

How to apply

Filming Guidelines

How to submit your video