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Travelling Fellowships

Phyllis and Eileen Gibbs Travelling Research Fellowships

This Travelling Fellowship has been endowed with the object of assisting women graduates who have considerable experience of research (normally beyond the doctoral level), who intend to undertake fieldwork projects outside the British isles (and normally not within their own countries of residence) in Biology, Archaeology, Social Anthropology, or Sociology, with preference for Archaeology or Biology.  Fellows are required to produce a report to the College on their research, and are invited to present their work at a public lecture, followed by the annual Gibbs Dinner.

Applications are currently being accepted for the 2014-2015 Travelling Fellowship.

For more information and details of how to apply please click on the "Further Particulars" link at the bottom of this page.

Applications will close on Monday 17th February 2014.

Recent recipients and their research topics are listed below. A more detailed description of some of the projects can be found via the "Recent research projects" link at the bottom of this page.

2013/14 Dr Emma Pomeroy Human adaptations to environmental challenges
2013/14 Dr Hannah Rowland Environmental effects on genetics and evolution of sensory behaviour in birds.
2012/13 Dr Sian Lazar Collective Citizenship in Argentina
2012/13 Dr Caroline Phillips Chimpanzee Dietary Repertoire Through Stable Isotopic Analyses, in Spain and Guinea
2011/12 Dr Laura Basell Human Evolution at the Headwaters of the Nile
2011/12 Dr Susana Carvalho Primate Archaeology: Investigating Chimpanzee Stone Age
2010/11 Ms Kathelijne Koops Chimpanzee Elementary Technology: Is Necessity the Mother of Invention?
2010/11 Dr Rose Thorogood Can we predict the evolutionary pathways of behaviour? A study of chick and egg acceptance and rejection.
2009/10 Dr Marianne Elias Interspecific Interactions and Evolution of Mutualistic Mimicry in Butterflies
2009/10 Dr Madeleine Reeves Black Work, Green Money: Navigating the bounds of legal labour in a Moscow migrant community
2008/09 Dr Claire Spottiswoode The evolution of intraspecific polymorphisms in host-parasite arms races
2008/09 Dr Rhiannon Stevens The role of reindeer in Upper Palaeolithic France
Dr Elizabeth Harper
The Ecology of New Zealand Brachiopods
Dr Andrea Migliano
Evolution of human body size
2006/07 Dr Barbara Bodenhorn Communities of knowledge: sciences and other expertises.
2006/07 Dr Marie-Louise Sorenson Archaeological investigation of Cidada Velha, the old slave trading capital of Cape Verde
2005/06 Dr Paola Filipucci Anthropological understanding of the long-term social and cultural consequences of war and conflict on populations and places in eastern France and former battlefields of the Western front
2005/06 Dr Jane Reid Inbreeding in free-living birds

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