Academic promotions for Newnham Fellows

Laura Itzhaki

Three Newnham Fellows have been promoted by the University of Cambridge – including Dr Laura Itzhaki who has been awarded a Professorship.

Dr Itzhaki, pictured, is the Director of Studies in Biological Natural Sciences at Newnham and her research focuses on a class of proteins with very distinctive architectures, known as tandem-repeat proteins that play important roles in disease, in particular cancer. She is using the insights her research group obtains to develop therapeutic strategies for targeting them.

Dr Alex da Costa, Director of Studies in English at Newnham, has received promotion to a Senior Lectureship in the Faculty of English.

Dr da Costa’s research frequently focuses on incunabula and early printed books meant for an English readership. She is particularly interested in cheaper books and books which went through multiple editions and what they suggest about less learned and more “popular” reading practices and tastes. Dr da Costa has previously won a Cambridge University Students’ Union Teaching Excellence Award after she was nominated by her students.

Dr Helen Bao, College Lecturer in Land Economy, has received promotion to a Senior Lectureship in the Department of Land Economy. Her research interests include hedonic price modelling, housing economics, land use policy, real estate finance, and behavioural sciences.

And Dr Charlotte Lemanski, Special Supervisor in Urban Geography and a Senior Member, has been promoted to a Senior Lectureship in the Department of Geography.

Dr Lemanski focused on urban issues in contemporary South Africa (and to a lesser extent, India), exploring the ways in which poverty inequality manifest at the everyday scale in the post-apartheid context of political, economic and social transformation.