Dr Andrew Sanger


Volterra-Fietta Junior Research Lecturer and Director of Studies

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College Jobs

  • Volterra-Fietta Junior Research Lecturer in Law
  • Director of Studies, Law (Parts IB & II) (on research leave Michaelmas Term 2017)

University Jobs

  • Volterra Fietta Junior Research Fellow at the Lauterpacht Centre for International Law
  • Affiliated Lecturer at the Faculty of Law


Email: as662@cam.ac.uk

Picture of Andrew Sanger


Andrew is the Volterra Fietta Junior Research Lecturer at Newnham College and the Lauterpacht Centre for International Law, and an Affiliated Lecturer at the Faculty of Law.

Andrew’s PhD thesis was on the domestic liability of corporations for violations of customary international law.

Research Interests

International law, especially international human rights law, the use of force and laws of armed conflict, the law of immunity, international criminal law, and the relationship between international and domestic law (particularly the laws of England and Wales and United States federal law); constitutional law; and human rights.