Dr Barbara Blacklaws

BSc, PhD

Fellow and Director of Studies

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College Jobs

  • Fellow D
  • Director of Studies in Natural Sciences (Part IA Biological Sciences)
  • Assistant Undergraduate Tutor
  • Harassment Adviser
  • Senior Treasurer JCR
  • Senior Treasurer JCR Entertainments
  • Senior Treasurer June Event
  • Senior Treasurer Football Club

University Jobs

  • University Senior Lecturer in Molecular Virology in Department of Veterinary Medicine


Telephone: +44 (0) 1223 337609

Email: bab2@cam.ac.uk

Picture of Barbara Blacklaws


I received my BSc (Hon) in Biochemistry from University of Aberdeen, then did a PhD in Virology at University of Cambridge.  I undertook post-doctoral positions in University of Cambridge and Edinburgh before coming to University of Cambridge as a University Fellow then lecturer.

Research Interests

My research focuses on immune responses to and the pathogenesis of persistent virus infections. I have worked with herpes simplex virus-1 and visna maedi virus in the past and we have recently started to study gastroenteritis viruses and their role in intestinal immunity using murine norovirus.