Dr Julia Camps Herrero


Visiting Bye-Fellow

Photograph of Dr Julia Camps-Herrero, Visiting Bye-Fellow

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Email: juliacamps@gmail.com

Photograph of Dr Julia Camps-Herrero, Visiting Bye-Fellow


University of Valencia. Faculty of Medicine 1982-1988
Hospital General de Alicante. Radiology Residency 1991-1994
Hospital de la Ribera 1999-present. Head of Radiology department since 2006.

I was born in Spain in 1963. My father sent me to Blackpool to learn English when I was 12 years old for one year and this opened my mind and made me an anglophile for life. I always wanted to study English literature as a teenager but a course in human biology changed my mind. Later on, as a radiologist, I discovered that subspecialising in breast imaging gave me a clinical leverage that other radiology subspecialities did not have.

Research Interests

Although I enjoy working with all breast imaging techniques, breast MRI, a much controverted modality, has opened a new window of endless research opportunities for me: diffusion (DWI) MRI sequences as a non-contrast screening tool for young women and in general, women with dense breasts, also DWI for prediction of response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy or to avoid ultrasound follow-up in patients with probably benign lesions…it is one of the modalities the future and we have just started to gauge its impact on our patients…