Response to COVID-19

Newnham College aims to remain a supportive community for all members near and far. We need our spirit of kindness, courage and solidarity in these new circumstances, as much as ever.

Our academics and our staff, our undergraduate and postgraduate students are showing remarkable strength and energy in these difficult times. All your contributions in helping each other and the college are valued. Thank you.

Newnham College, along with the wider Cambridge University community, held our first Virtual Term in Easter Term 2020. Many of our familiar traditions (Friday Pudding Seminars, visits to the garden, lectures by guest speakers and more) moved online for the term as did Governing Body, Council, our committees and other business of the College. We are exploring new ways to create community, enable intergenerational discussion, and support learning and research.

Staff, academics and students are now working towards the 2020 academic year, when we look forward to welcoming our community back to Newnham.

University Coronavirus (COVID-19) webpages

Please refer to the University webpages for up to date information and UK Government links relating to health, travel, visa and immigration matters, and staff working arrangements.

They also contain important University statements on arrangements for teaching and learning, assessment, and research in Easter Term 2020 relevant to academics who are directing studies for Newnham College or supervising Newnham students as well as to students themselves. Further information about academic matters is available on Faculty and Departmental websites.

These pages represent the central definitive resource for University information on COVID-19 – please check it frequently.

Academic information for all current students

Students will have lots of questions about assessment, teaching and learning, and research in Easter Term 2020. Some of these matters are decided by the University, Departments and Faculties; others, for example, those related to undergraduate supervisions, may be decided by College, and Directors of Studies. Different Departments will take different approaches, based on the needs of their subject.

For all questions about academic matters, please check the University coronavirus student webpage.

Please also check your Faculty and Departmental websites, as well as with your Director of Studies or Post-graduate Supervisor.

The Graduate Tutor and Directors of Studies will also be able to give advice, if you cannot find the information you need on the University, Faculty or Departmental website.

For information about the Disability Resource Centre, please see their own website.

Information for international students

For questions around travel, visas and immigration matters, please start with the University webpages for up to date information.

Information for prospective undergraduates and offer holders

We fully understand that this is an anxious time for all our offer holders and prospective applicants. We wish you, your families and communities all the very best. For information on how the University and colleges are managing Cambridge admissions, please see the University web pages.

Information for prospective graduates and offer holders

The University’s Graduate Admission’s team is working to support our prospective graduates and minimise the impact the current situation may have on your admission. We wish you, your families and communities all the very best. For information on how the University and colleges are managing Cambridge graduate admissions, please see the Graduate Admissions web pages.

Support and guidelines for students currently in Cambridge

Students still resident in Cambridge, whether in College accommodation or private accommodation, should check the FAQs shared by email and on the Health Information Intranet.

Support and guidelines for students working away from Cambridge

Students working away from Cambridge should check the FAQs shared by email and on the Health Information Intranet.

Information for supervisors

Useful material and guidelines for all those teaching remotely has been created by Cambridge Centre for Teaching and Learning, including specific guidance for moving supervisions online. This includes useful guidance on the IT choices you might make. If you need support accessing the recommended software and have not been given access via your Department, please talk to the College IT team (

Information for Newnham College staff

The College continues to support the wellbeing of our staff. The Bursar has been in touch with all staff members via email, and will continue to be in contact. If you have any queries, please speak to your Head of Department.

We encourage staff members to read the University’s guides to wellbeing and, if relevant, to home working.

Risk assessment

Following Government guidelines, we have carried out a COVID-19 risk assessment for those working at the College: Working Safely During Coronavirus Risk Assessment

Every member of staff, including all the Fellows and Senior Members (SMs), who work in the College are to receive a copy of this risk assessment.