Accommodation charges at Newnham are determined annually.


Rents for College rooms fall into three bands. Band A is the most expensive and includes the majority of rooms in Grange Gardens. The rest of the rooms fall into bands B or C according to size and/or amenities. This charge as well as rent includes background heating, wireless internet and personal belongings insurance. Rent is paid termly, in advance. Graduate room licences run from 30th September  – 20th September the following year. Students can leave accommodation at the end of their course (if this is earlier than licence end date).

Graduate Rents and Charges for 2018-19

Band A = £152.94 per week
Band B = £145.17 per week
Band C = £126.89 per week

Additional Accommodation Costs

in addition you will be charged a Kitchen Fixed Charge (KFC); this includes a contribution to running the College Buttery, providing and maintaining student kitchens and subsidising student Formal Hall events. Students who “live out” (not in College accommodation) pay a reduced KFC of £50.00 each year.

Council Tax

Full time students are not liable to pay the local property tax. Students living in College will not have to apply for any type of exemption. Students living outside College are likely to need a confirmation letter for council tax exemption. Students must have updated their address on Camsis before requesting a letter. Please email the Tutorial Office.