Accommodation costs

All our undergraduates live together in College, in single study-bedrooms. Rooms are very varied, with en-suite rooms in the new Dorothy Garrod Building, and historic rooms in the original buildings. However, all rooms in Newnham cost the same amount. This fixed fee structure is different to that of many other colleges, where different rooms cost different amounts. We feel that it’s important that everyone has the same opportunities to live in the most beautiful rooms.

Students from families on lower incomes receive a rent subsidy: about a third of undergraduates currently receive rent subsidies. This means that your accommodation cost is dependent on your family’s income, not the size of the room.


There are two options: a termly contract, where your room needs to be vacated in the Christmas and Easter vacations, and a continuous contract where it doesn’t.

For 2018-19 entrants, the charge for the termly rental contract will be, before rent subsidies, £1,558.49 per term and for those on continuous contracts it will be £1,920.97. This rent charge includes background heating, wireless internet, gym membership and personal belongings insurance. Your rent subsidy will be subtracted from this total.

In addition you will be charged a Kitchen Fixed Charge (KFC); this includes a contribution to running the College Buttery, providing and maintaining student kitchens and subsidising student Formal Hall events. There are various KFC options, depending on whether you want to commit to eating more or fewer meals in the College Buttery. If you commit to paying for more meals in the Buttery, you’ll pay £50 a term KFC, and if you don’t commit to paying for any meals in the Buttery, you’ll pay £150 a term KFC. Most undergraduates opt for one of the middle options, pay £100 or £133 a term in KFC, and eat around 3 to 5 meals in the Buttery a week.

You can choose to live out of College if you prefer. Students who “live out” (not in College accommodation) pay a reduced KFC of £50.00 each year, to cover the costs of your Formal Halls.

For new students there are two one-off costs to budget for at the start of the year: a deposit or ‘caution money’ of £250, which is refundable (less any outstanding charges) after you have completed your course, and membership of the Newnham Roll, which is £63. This payment enrols you as a life member of the alumnae association, which currently has 7,500 members.

Some students may need adaptations to their rooms (for example, to accommodate a disability or religious requirements): you will not be charged an additional fee for this.