Funding for EU Students

Any student from the European Union outside the UK can borrow the full tuition fee from the UK government, but is not entitled to further support for maintenance (i.e. accommodation and daily living costs).

EU students can apply for a tuition fee loan from Student Finance in the same way as UK students.

For those from households with incomes of less than approximately €50,000, Cambridge offers European Bursaries which can provide maintenance grants of up to £3,500 per year. For EU students who still have a financial gap remaining, Newnham offers its own European Bursaries, which can provide up to a further £4,000 per year. Both Cambridge and Newnham European Bursaries are applied for after offers are made, ensuring that financial packages are in place before you arrive to start your course.

All EU applicants are considered for Newnham European Bursaries after the Cambridge awards are made, and they are awarded on the grounds of financial need and then academic merit. Once awarded, these are held for the three or four years of the undergraduate course. Students at Newnham with either Newnham or Cambridge EU Bursaries are also eligible for rent subsidies.