Funding for Overseas Students

Unfortunately, there is no UK government support for those applying from outside the UK. Overseas students (including those from the EU) are required to provide a financial guarantee for the three or four years of their course (six for those studying Medicine and Veterinary Medicine).

Cambridge offers a small number of full scholarships for students from particular countries, and a larger number of part-scholarships funded by the Cambridge Trust. These are applied for after an offer has been received. For those with small financial gaps remaining after receiving a Cambridge Trust award, Newnham is able to offer a small number of additional scholarships of up to £5,000.

All these awards are made on the basis of academic merit, with the Cambridge awards announced in March/April and the Newnham awards in May/June. Once awarded, these are held for the three or four years of the undergraduate course. Offer-holders will be sent details of how to apply once the Cambridge Trust awards are made.