Newnham Family Forum 2016: ‘Modern Families in the 21st Century’


2016’s Forum challenged our audience with the question Modern Families: What really Counts?  We were lucky enough to have two Newnham Senior Members speak this year, Professor Susan Golombok and Professor Claire Hughes (NC 1986), and three Newnham alumnae on our panel for the afternoon discussion. Susan Golombok’s excellent presentation focused on the emerging types of modern families and adapting family forms, and Claire Hughes’ fascinating talk revolved around the journey to parenthood.

On our panel in the afternoon, we heard from three alumnae who discussed their experience as part of ‘modern families’: Julia Hoggett’s (NC 1993) experience as the un-biological mother of two gave insight into raising donor children, Megan Goldman Robert’s (NC 2011) experiences as a mother of a three year old whilst studying for an undergraduate degree illuminated the prejudices young mothers face, and Gill Gorell-Barnes (NC 1962) drew on her extensive experience of working with non-traditional families during her career as a family therapist.

Claire Hughes on the road to parenthood: