Giving In Your Will

Leaving a legacy to Newnham enables you to invest in the future of the College with a gift that endures beyond a lifetime.


Why leave a legacy?
• Make a lasting difference to future generations of students.
• Give a significant gift to the College after you have provided for your family.
• Reduce the tax liabilities on your estate – as a charity a legacy to Newnham is free of inheritance tax.
• Join the Sidgwick Society with special events every five years.

How to leave a legacy?
• Leave a capital amount, percentage of or share of the residue of your estate.
• There is no need to rewrite your will – simply add a codicil.
• Get in touch for more information and examples of wording.
• We recommend you also seek professional advice.

My husband and I have left a legacy to Newnham because I wanted women to experience what I had experienced.
Elizabeth Ransom (NC 1968)

Miriam MargolyesNothing has so enriched my life as my time at Newnham and I acknowledge with gratitude what I owe to my old College. So I urge all of you who must feel as I do, that others must have the same opportunities and range of experience that we did, to add a codicil to your wills immediately, remembering Newnham, so that your bequest will allow Newnham to continue nourishing succeeding generations.
Miriam Margolyes (NC 1960) OBE, Patron of The Sidgwick Society


Amira PrayagAlumnae who have generously left legacies to Newnham have given me a unique opportunity to be coached and guided by passionate teachers. Supervisions provide a supportive environment to develop your intellectual confidence, work on your weaknesses and become confident and fluent in expressing your ideas. I hope generations of students to come will be as fortunate as I have been.
Amira Prayag (NC 2010)