Information for TEDxNewnham Event Hosts


We are hoping that as many Newnhamites as possible will want to hold an event around TEDxNewnham: this can be anything from a small group of friends getting together in someone’s home over coffee to watch some or all of the live stream, network with fellow alumnae and discuss the topics of the presentations, to a more larger and more formal event in a hall (no more than 100 people though).

In terms of when you hold your event, there are two options:

  • Livestreaming the event on Saturday 17 February 2018
    • Livestreaming is recording and broadcasting an event in real time via the internet, so everyone can watch and participate. If you click here you will be able to see the livestream.
    • If you want to run a larger event we have created some guidelines for livestreaming that shows how easy it is: you can download these here.
    • You can see the full programme here.
  • Holding an event after 18 April 2018
    • If you don’t think you can manage a livestream because of timezones or just because the date of TEDxNewnham (Saturday 17 February 2018) doesn’t quite work for you, all the talks will be available to watch online afterwards, and we would be thrilled if you would like to organise a later event to watch the talks.
      • The talks will be available on the TEDx website from the end of April, so we suggest organising an event for May 2018 or later.

Whatever you decide to do- gather around your computer with your friends with a coffee for some of the talks or hold a larger get-together- we would love to hear about it. We have created a virtual map of all of the TEDxNewnham events and would love to add you as a point on the map. This will do three things:

  1.  The map will show and celebrate the way that Newnhamites all over the world jump in to hear about big ideas: we will light up a web of alumnae across the globe who have decided to join in.
  2. Newnhamites who want to join in will be able to see if a public event is already being organised in their area. If you are holding a public event, please send your email address to, and we will add it to the map so people can get in touch.
  3. Once your event has taken place, we would love to add a photo to your ‘pin’ on the map: please send your photographs to

If you would like to host or to get more information, please email us; we will be delighted to hear from you!