TEDxNewnham Local Events Map

Please note that the interactive map is a work in progress: we’re hoping to add events across the country, and to show pictures once events have happened. In the meantime, if there isn’t a dot in your area and you fancy getting a group together to watch, get in touch!

We were thrilled that so many of you joined the livestream on Saturday 17 February so you could experience the day with us. Because there were so many people livestreaming, we’ve made a separate map to show where they all were (with permission); if you would like to see that then click here.

On the map below you can see events that are definitely happening or being planned. Events taking place later in the year are marked with a blue dot; events that are possible but have not yet been confirmed, and private events, which are on the map just to show how far TEDxNewnham ideas are spreading, are marked with a purple dot.

Click on an pin to see more about the event, and the organiser’s contact details.

If there isn’t an event happening in your area and you’d like to organise one, or you want to let us know about a private event, please email tedxnewnham@newn.cam.ac.uk