Wall of Women

The Wall of Women is a new project which features short videos of students, academics and alumnae talking about life at Newnham. If you would like to be featured, email us

  • Claire Pooley
    Clare Pooley
  • Bella Heesom
  • Mehrnaz Ghojeh
  • Zahra Haider
    Zahra Haider
  • Emma Flanagan
    Emma Flanagan
  • Phillippa De'Ath
    Phillippa De’Ath
  • Zoe Wyatt
    Zoe Wyatt
  • Leandra Ashton
    Leandra Ashton
  • Sarah Wilson
  • Victoria Kimonides
  • Claire Zhao
    Claire Zhao
  • Sarah Weiler
    Sarah Weiler
  • Elizabeth Graham
    Professor Elizabeth Graham
  • Olivia Hylton Pennant
    Olivia Hylton Pennant
  • Radhika Swarup
    Radhika Swarup
  • Honor Fell
  • Elizabeth Armitage Chan
  • Anna Weguelin
  • Angela Heeley
  • Alice Burnett
  • Helena Boas
  • Farah Alnaimi
  • Sophy Gardner
    Sophy Gardner
  • Mary Beales
    Mary Beales
  • Holly Hamilton-Bleakley
  • Sheila Hayman
    Sheila Hayman
  • Claire Sawyer
  • Erin Mitchell
    Erin Mitchell
  • Marion Raikhlin Nowicki
  • Karen Kirk
  • Janet Wang
    Janet Wang
  • Lucy Bushill Matthews
  • Lucy Parsons
    Lucy Parsons
  • Jennifer Delaney
  • Laura Howell
    Laura Howell
  • Vivienne Avramoff
    Vivienne Avramoff
  • Monica Buckland
    Monica Buckland
  • Jane Morris
    Dr Jane Morris
  • Tanya Laohathai
    Dr Tanya Laohathai
  • Elisha Neethling
    Elisha Neethling
  • Zoe Jennings
    Zoe Jennings
  • Lara Delage-Toriel
    Lara Delage-Toriel
  • Emilia Monell
    Emilia Monell
  • Callie Vandewiele
    Callie Vandewiele
  • Farzana Meru
    Dr Farzana Meru
  • Fiona Gooch
    Fiona Gooch
  • Megha Harish
    Megha Harish
  • Karolina Gombert
    Dr Karolina Gombert
  • Clara Drummond
    Clara Drummond
  • Dr Thanuja Galhena
    Dr Thanuja Galhena
  • Jo Withers
    Dr Jo Withers
  • Jill Saudek
    Jill Saudek
  • Dr Marion Blank
    Dr Marion Blank
  • Caroline Freakes
    Caroline Freakes
  • Hannah Harberd
    Hannah Harberd
  • Kate Crowhurst
  • Cherry Tweed and Anna Seely
    Cherry Tweed and Anna Seely
  • Janet Burroway
    Professor Janet Burroway
  • Yvonne Rydin
    Yvonne Rydin
  • Penny Hubbard
    Penny Hubbard
  • Jo Burch
    Jo Burch
  • Victoria Hunter
    Victoria Hunter
  • Patricia Wise
    Patricia Wise
  • Jenny Staples
    Jenny Staples
  • Jane Houng
    Jane Houng
  • Judy Moody-Stuart
    Judy Moody-Stuart
  • Anne Musgrove
    Anne Musgrove
  • Monica Parish
    Monica Parish
  • Annette Spencer
    Annette Spencer
  • Alison Sansome
    Alison Sansome
  • Ruth Shin
    Ruth Shin
  • Dawn Moody
    Dawn Moody
  • Zoe Jennings
    Zoe Jennings
  • Callie Vandewiele
    Callie Vandewiele