Newnham Family Forum: ‘Fighting for Childhood’

For our next Family Forum event in October our theme will be ‘Fighting for Childhood’, focusing on issues such forced marriage, domestic slavery, child poverty and FGM. The speakers are to be announced.

Newnham is unique amongst Cambridge Colleges in discussing contemporary issues affecting families, in particular mothers.

Each October we host a lively forum where everyone can explore complex topics and learn from experts in specific fields (as well as from each other). We encourage an atmosphere of inclusivity and welcome alumnae and their guests, male or female, to join us.

Subjects to date have included:

  • Mental Health and Young People
  • Modern Families in the 21st Century
  • Fatherhood
  • The Challenges of Raising Teenagers
  • Issues Affecting Working Mothers

Booking for this event will open later this year.