Dr Tina Potter to receive Pilkington Teaching Prize

Newnham Fellow Dr Tina Potter will shortly be awarded a Pilkington Teaching Prize, a prize which recognises outstanding and pioneering teaching within the University.

Dr Potter is a physicist, focusing on the discovery of new physics beyond the Standard Model. She is an active and committed teacher, and has been particularly active in supporting women at postgraduate level in physics.

Dr Potter is the fifth member of the Newnham community to receive a Pilkington Prize in recent years, following her colleagues Dr Manali Desai, Dr Emma Mawdsley, Dr Liz Watson and Dr Sophia Connell.

The Pilkington Teaching Prizes were established in 1994 by businessman and alumnus of Trinity College, Sir Alastair Pilkington. The aim was to ensure that excellence in teaching at the University was given proper recognition.

Dr Potter will receive the prize at a special ceremony next term.

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