MCR member Sam Leggett wins European research award

We’re delighted to say that PhD student Sam Leggett was awarded the 2020 Student Award for the best paper given at the European Association of Archaeologists’ annual conference.

The prize is awarded annually for the best presentation at the EAA Annual Meeting by a student or archaeologist working on a dissertation. Presentations are evaluated for their academic merit and innovative ideas. Sam’s prize-winning paper was on the topic “Tackling Early Medieval Transitions Using a Hierarchical and Multi-isotope Approach”.

Sam’s research focuses on bioarchaeology – using biological materials to provide information about life and the environment of humans in the past. Her PhD uses stable isotope analyses to investigate diet and mobility in Early Medieval Britain and Northwest Europe (c. 450-1100 AD). How much did people travel in the past? And where did they travel from and to? This type of research offers fascinating insights into our distant ancestors.

Sam submitted her PhD last month, and this prize comes as a well-deserved recognition of her outstanding work during her studies at Cambridge.