Newnham College Boat Club to represent Cambridge in China

After a triumphant season’s rowing on the Cam, Newnham College Boat Club are heading overseas to represent Cambridge’s rowers. They will row at the 2019 international University regatta in Nanjing, China.

As Head of the River in both Lent and May Bumps, NCBC were selected by the organisers of the regatta to represent the Cambridge College crews. NCBC will row in Nanjing as a coxless 4, with a crew made up from Newnham and other colleges.

Nanjing is home to Nanjing University, one of the world’s leading universities, which incorporates Ginling College, a women’s college founded in 1915.

Newnham student Rosanna Barraclough explained, ‘I started rowing at Newnham as a fresher last October. It has been a big highlight of my time at Cambridge so far and an amazing tradition to be a part of. I am really excited to have been given such an amazing opportunity to row in China. I’m very grateful to everyone who helped to make this trip possible, and I’m looking forward to hopefully many more experiences in the future!’

The crew is

  • Rosanna Barraclough (History of Art) – Noviced this year with NCBC and raced W2 in Lents and Mays
  • Hele Francis – Newnham alumna, Gryphen and former captain, who rowed in W1 and W2 between 2011 and 2015
  • Yfke van der Heijden (Classics) – Girton College Boat Club
  • Morgan Morrison (Natural Sciences) – Women’s Captain of the Homerton College Boat Club

In 2020, the Newnham crew will represent Cambridge at the World Rowing University Regatta in Xi’an, China.