Newnham students join together for a virtual quiz

Newnham students around the world took part in an online quiz, with questions ranging from quirky history to fun facts. Bodies may be in lockdown – minds certainly aren’t, and the quizmasters were impressed by how much the students knew about the weirder quirks of college history.

Of course, questions such as ‘Newnham has a special collection of which flower?’ are obvious to anyone who’s ever had a coffee in our cafe, but even questions such as “What rule did the Joint Committee of Staff and Students  relax on 29 April 1920?” had people with the right answer.

Newnham’s pub quizzes, held in the Iris Bar, are a cherished college tradition. Our quizzes bring the college together, often while raising funds for a chosen charity.

This wonderful quiz brought people together virtually, and everyone who joined had a great time.  Many thanks to the quizmasters at Big Smoke Events company, and the our kind sponsor, former Development Director and alumna, Penny Hubbard (NC 1979).