Newnham’s new Health Centre opens

Members of the maintenance team celebrate their work with our Counsellor, Nurse and Principal

Newnham’s new Health and Well-being Centre had its opening today, and members of College and medics from the local surgery raised a glass in celebration.

“Student well-being is important to us and this building shows we all care about it,” explained College Nurse Anne Schumann.

The College’s Maintenance team have transformed a set of elderly offices into a welcoming, relaxed and well-equipped suite of rooms. Now, Anne and the College counsellor, Elrika Erasmus, will be able to carry out their work of supporting students throughout the year. A sunny room will be used for workshops and as a waiting area, a quiet space for counselling sessions, and a large room as a nurse’s surgery.

The support available to students has changed dramatically over Newnham’s history. From the beginning, students’ well-being was considered – but in the 19th century, it was first necessary to show that the activity of studying wouldn’t damage women’s fragile health.

Today, as we approach our 150th anniversary, the College is works to look after both women’s physical and mental health. Over the last exam term, a range of events took place, including workshops, individual counselling, games for stress relief, and even a petting zoo.

Newnham’s Principal, medic Prof Dame Carol Black, explained, “Well-being is really important for everybody. I’m delighted that we’ve been able to create a place and a structure where we can demonstrate that.”

“We are so excited  – it’s fabulous to have it now,” said Elrika. “We think even us just being here, in the new Centre, gives students a message that mental and physical health is important.”

Note that while the Centre’s rooms have been opened, full services will not open until October. Please see the Summer Hours listing