Rehana Tanwir Scholarship created in memory of Rehana Tanwir (1933-2019)

The Principal and the Fellows of Newnham would like to thank Rehana Tanwir’s brother, Dr Arif Ajaz (Wolfson, Cambridge, 1968-73) and his family for their help and support in setting up this new and important fund.

“In memory of Rehana Tanwir, (NC 1956-60; Fellow, NC 1994-95), who was an exceptionally bright, accomplished, compassionate and inspirational lady. To find her calling, she resigned from the prestigious Civil Service of Pakistan in 1956 and went up to Newnham College, Cambridge University to read Economics. In 1961, she joined the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)/World Food Programme (WFP) of the United Nations in Rome, Italy. She was fluent in seven languages. She led numerous U.N. Missions to various countries around the world including the very impoverished countries where others were afraid to go.

She soon gained the reputation of being a fearless, determined lady not to be deterred by the obstacles in her way. She was dubbed as ‘the pathfinder’ by her peers. She took early retirement in 1993 from FAO/WPF to pursue her other interests in life. She was a tremendous source of inspiration for her family and countless others whose life she touched. Her life’s odyssey exemplifies for women how to live their lives to the full, meet challenges undeterred and follow the path to success against all odds. She knew too well how the exposure to education at Cambridge could transform a person’s life.

Through the posthumously established ‘Rehana Tanwir Scholarship’, her legacy will live on by continuing to help other compassionate women wishing to transform their lives by coming up to Newnham College, Cambridge.”