The second Newnham Anthology – Walking on the Grass, Dancing in the Corridors: Newnham at 150

Open the Gates, and walk on the grass with us through 150 years of Newnham…

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Walking on the Grass, Dancing in the Corridors: Newnham 150 is the winning title submitted by Meg Roberts, a current Newnham graduate student, inspired by Deepa Parry-Gupta’s (NC 1987) quote on the front page of the website. It will contain a smörgåsbord from the whole Newnham community: fellows, alumnae, students, staff, and visitors alike.

Journals, drawings, photographs, door notepads, interviews and recently discovered archival material will capture something of the whole experience of being at Newnham.

This collection of individual stories charts not only the history of women’s education in Cambridge but also presents a close portrait of a College by those who have lived and worked there.

To accompany these personal stories Gill Sutherland, former Vice-Principal of Newnham and an authority on nineteenth- and twentieth-century education, contributes an introduction which offers an overarching narrative of Newnham’s importance since the College was founded.

A person in a red coat, fringed with black faux-fur is in the middle of a twirl on a snowy, grassy lawn. The building of Peile is visible in the background through snowflakes falling.

Dance down the corridor of this anthology and help us to ignite the 150th year by celebrating the whole community of Newnham in all its variety.