Welcoming Postdoctoral Affiliates to Newnham College

Newnham’s Postdoctoral Affiliates are a group of early-career researchers who form part of the College’s broader research community. With research across a wide range of disciplines, they provide a stimulating addition to conversations in our Senior Common Room, and in turn benefit from meeting established researchers within the College. The PDAs all hold an established and salaried position within the University or one of its associated research institutions: this Newnham association offers a college connection to broaden their existing Departmental affiliation.

Each year, we welcome around a dozen women to become Postdoctoral Affiliates, with current members working in Bioelectronics, Plant Sciences, Vehicle Emissions, Manuscript Studies, Public Policy and many other fields.  PDAs have no teaching or administrative responsibilities within the College (although paid teaching opportunities may be available in some subjects), but we hope that people will wish to contribute to the academic and social life of the College.

Newnham is currently inviting applications for our Postdoctoral Affiliates 2021-22.