Dr Carol Atack

BSc (Econ) (London), BA, MPhil, PhD (Cambridge)

Bye-Fellow, Director of Studies

College Jobs

  • Bye-Fellow
  • Director of Studies, Classics (Prelims and Part IA)
  • Assistant Undergraduate Tutor


Email: cwa24@cam.ac.uk


Dr Carol Atack works on classical Greek political thought and intellectual history.

Dr Carol Atack is a fellow of the Center for Hellenic Studies, Washington DC, and a bye-fellow and associate tutor at Newnham College, University of Cambridge.

She holds a PhD in Classics from the University of Cambridge (2014), and undergraduate degrees in Classics (Cambridge) and Government (London School of Economics). Carol has held teaching positions in ancient history and classical literature at the University of Warwick and St Hugh’s College, University of Oxford.


Research Interests

Dr Carol Atack has published several articles and book chapters on topics in Greek political thought, including political thought in the pseudo-Platonic letters, Aristotle’s thought on kingship, and Foucault on Plato on frank speech. Her most recent book is Discourse of Kingship in Classical Athens, published by Routledge.

She serves as associate editor for Greek political thought for the journal Polis. Her current research continues her work on fourth-century Greek political thought, with a particular focus on the political and ethical thought of Plato and Xenophon.

She was recently a post-doctoral researcher on the ‘Anachronism and Antiquity’ project at Oxford, contributing to the monograph Anachronism and Antiquity (written with Tim Rood and Tom Phillips; forthcoming 2020, Bloomsbury), and preparing a monograph on the temporality of Platonic dialogue.