Dr Christine Batchelor

MA, MPhil, PhD

Postdoc Affiliate, Special Supervisor

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College Jobs

  • Rosalind Franklin Research Fellow in Geography
  • Special Supervisor, Geography

University Jobs

  • Course contributor Part 1B Geography


Telephone: +44 (0) 1223 336570

Email: clb70@cam.ac.uk

Picture of Christine Batchelor


Christine Batchelor is currently the Rosalind Franklin Research Fellow at Newnham College. Christine studied Geography at the University of Cambridge (BA 2009), where she developed initial interests in glaciers and ice sheets. Christine’s MPhil and PhD research at the Scott Polar Research Institute, University of Cambridge (MPhil 2010, PhD 2014) focused on using marine geophysical and geological data collected from formerly-glaciated continental margins to reconstruct the dynamics of former ice streams (fast-flowing regions of ice within an ice sheet).

Christine is conducting her post-doctoral research as a member of Professor Julian Dowdeswell’s Glacimarine Environments group at the Scott Polar Research Institute. Her ongoing research uses a variety of marine geophysical and geological data to make inferences about the configuration and dynamics of former ice sheets and the patterns and processes of sedimentation that occur beneath ice streams. Information about past ice streams is needed to further our understanding of the processes that are currently operating at the largely inaccessible beds of contemporary ice streams, and to predict the likely future responses of ice sheets to climatic change.

Research Interests

Glaciology; glacial geomorphology; marine geophysics; Quaternary