Dr Claire Barlow


Fellow, College Lecturer, and Director of Studies

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College Jobs

  • Fellow A
  • President of the SCR
  • Praelector (joint)
  • Director of Studies , Engineering and Manufacturing Engineering (Admissions, IA, MET IIA & IIB)
  • Wine Steward

University Jobs

  • Deputy Head of Engineering Department (Teaching)
  • University Senior Lecturer


Telephone: +44 (0) 1223 332627

Email: cyb1@cam.ac.uk

Picture of Claire Barlow


Undergraduate and PhD (Cambridge University, Department of Materials Science, Girton College). Senior Member at Newnham College since 1980.

Research Interests

I work on materials engineering and am particularly interested in how we can reduce the environmental impact of the way we use materials, looking at their whole lifecycle. For example, the choice of material for food packaging influences the storage life of the food, but in general the better packaging is at preserving food the higher its environmental impact. The problems are complex and inter-related, and optimal solutions may not be obvious.