Dr Gemma Burgess

BA, MPhil, PhD, University of Cambridge

Special Supervisor

College Jobs

  • Special Supervisor, Geography


Email: glb36@cam.ac.uk


Dr Gemma Burgess is Acting Director of the Cambridge Centre for Housing and Planning Research at the University of Cambridge, where she leads a multidisciplinary team working on policy-oriented research projects for a wide variety of funders, including central and local government, industry and third sector bodies.

Dr Burgess is a Fellow at St Edmund’s College where she is Director of Studies in Land Economy. She is also part of the University’s Proctorial team. She is currently Deputy Junior Proctor. She was the Junior Pro-Proctor 2016-2017 and served as the Junior Proctor 2017-2018 for Newnham College.

Research Interests

Widely published, Gemma’s research interests include land supply and the delivery of housing through the planning system, housing and health inequality, and the relationship between housing and ageing.