Dr Maya Feile Tomes

MA, MPhil, PhD

Director of Studies and Special Supervisor

Photo of Dr Maya Feile Tomes

College Jobs

  • Director of Studies, Classics (Prelims, Parts IA & IB)
  • Special Supervisor, Classics


Email: mcf37@cam.ac.uk

Photo of Dr Maya Feile Tomes


Maya Feile Tomes is a Junior Research Fellow at Christ’s College, who specialises in early modern Ibero-American literature. A classicist by training (undergraduate and graduate degrees all at King’s College, Cambridge), she subsequently segued into comparative literature and now works at the intersection between Latin and Spanish. She has lived in Spain and Argentina and, at Cambridge, teaches across the Faculties of Modern and Medieval Languages (MML) and Classics.

Research Interests

She is interested in the development of literary culture(s) across the rapidly expanding Iberian imperial world and has recently completed a PhD thesis entitled Neo-Latin America: the poetics of the New World in early modern epic. Her next project, provisionally entitled Plurilingualising Poetics, investigates patterns of interaction between the various literary languages – Spanish, Portuguese, Latin, Italian – involved in the production of colonial-era Iberian poetry. More broadly, her interests include Hispanic literature of all periods, classical reception (especially in non-hegemonic contexts), post- and decolonial theory, Columbus epics, the exilic literature of the eighteenth-century ex-Jesuits, literary cartography, and translation.