Dr Nastasiya Grinberg


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Email: ng414@cam.ac.uk


Originally trained as a pure mathematician (I hold a Ph.D. in Probability Theory from Warwick) I switched to more applied areas of machine learning (ML) and statistics as a postdoc. Before coming to Cambridge I worked on improving agriculturally important perennial grasses and discovering more about yeast biology through the use of ML techniques during my three years at the University of Manchester. Here at Cambridge I am a Wellcome Trust funded postdoctoral researcher working on problems relating to human genetics and hoping to contribute useful knowledge that will be helpful to real patients in the future.

Research Interests

Currently, I am working on understanding more about the underlying biology and mechanisms of autoimmune diseases. One recent project, in particular, involved discovering genes mediating autoimmune diseases by integrating GWAS and gene expression datasets. My current project revolves around developing techniques to enable co-analysing disease datasets that partially share controls. Most of my work involves analysing large human datasets with novel and established ML techniques and developing new statistical methodology. I also have an interest in programming.