Dr Sheila Watts


Fellow, College Lecturer and Director of Studies

College Jobs

  • Fellow A
  • College Lecturer, German
  • Director of Studies, Modern and Medieval Languages (2nd and 4th years)

University Jobs

  • University Lecturer in German at the Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages


Email: sw271@cam.ac.uk


After studying and working as a lecturer at Trinity College, Dublin, I came to Cambridge in 1998 to take up a lectureship in German in the MML Faculty. My undergraduate languages were German and Russian, and I have spent longer periods abroad in Moscow, Copenhagen and Göttingen.

Research Interests

I am a historical linguist, and I work on older stages of German and other Germanic languages. My doctoral dissertation was on verbal categories in Old Saxon, and my main current research interest is in Middle Low German, the language which was spoken by merchants associated with the Hanseatic League across Northern Europe from about 1350–1550. I collaborate with colleagues in Manchester and Gent on this project, which has major grant funding from the Government of Flanders.