Dr Susan Imrie

BA, MSc, PhD

Research Fellow

Photograph of Dr Susan Imrie, Amy Whiteley Research Fellow

College Jobs

  • Amy Whiteley Research Fellow
  • Assistant Undergraduate Tutor

University Jobs

  • Research Associate, Centre for Family Research


Email: si275@cam.ac.uk

Photograph of Dr Susan Imrie, Amy Whiteley Research Fellow


Susan is currently the Amy Whiteley Research Fellow at Newnham College. She completed her PhD in 2017 at the University of Cambridge, examining family functioning in infancy in families created through assisted reproductive technologies. Her post-doctoral work is based at the Centre for Family Research and explores parents’ and children’s experiences and relationships in families with trans parents.

Research Interests

My research explores family functioning in new family forms, with a focus on parent-child relationship quality, child development and children’s perceptions of their families. My previous work has included studies of parent-infant relationship quality in families created using IVF and egg donation, and the experiences of surrogate mothers and their families. I am currently carrying out research with trans parent families in the UK, looking at parents’ and children’s experiences, relationships and wellbeing both within and outside their families.