Ms Katherine Bond

BA (Hons), MA

Special Supervisor

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  • Special Supervisor, History


Telephone: +44 (0) 7944 988448


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Following a Masters degree in Art History at the University of Auckland (2013), I came to Newnham College to undertake a Cambridge Commonwealth Trusts-funded PhD in Early Modern European History.

Examining two sixteenth-century illuminated costume albums, my thesis traces the emergence of costume imagery in Europe during the reign of Habsburg emperor Charles V. I am interested in the extent to which the connectivity and hegemony of the Habsburg Empire in this period impacted on the transfer of ethnographic knowledge and encouraged new ways of conceptualising peoples’ relationship to their homeland.

Research Interests

I am particularly interested in the visual and material culture of the early modern period, with a special fascination for the history of dress and costume imagery. My research centres upon the development of national, sartorial styles. It above all seeks to question: what was it about clothing that gave it the representational, semiotic capacity to codify human identities and cultural difference?