Dr Anna Nickerson

PhD, MPhil, BA (University of Cambridge)

Special Supervisor

College Jobs

  • Special Supervisor, English


Email: ajm280@cam.ac.uk


I was born in the D. R. Congo and grew up in London. I studied for my BA at Selwyn College, Cambridge and then – after a short stint working in the charity sector – studied for my MPhil and PhD at Girton College, Cambridge.

I work on the intersections between poetics and epistemology. Or, to put it another way, I try and answer the question ‘What do we know when we read poetry?’ My current research seeks to answer this question through a more particular inquiry into 19th and early 20th century poetry. I’m interested in the ways in which a feeling that life was becoming increasingly secular led a number of the period’s most influential poets to reimagine the kinds of ‘thinking’ work that poetry might do.

Research Interests

Poetry and poetics; 19th and 20th century British literature; the idea of the ‘secular’; epistemology.