Dr Asiya Islam

BA (Hons) (India), MSc (LSE), PhD (Cambridge)

Joyce Lambert Research Fellow

College Jobs

  • Junior Research Fellow (Joyce Lambert Research Fellow)


Email: ai301@cam.ac.uk


Dr Asiya Islam is a sociologist focusing on gender and class in urban India. 

She studied at Aligarh Muslim University, where she was awarded the Dr Zakir Hussain Medal for Academic Excellence. She holds a Master’s in Gender, Media and Culture with Distinction from the London School of Economics, where she was awarded the Best Degree Performance Award. Her PhD at the University of Cambridge was funded by a Gates Cambridge Scholarship (2015-18). She is now Joyce Lambert Research Fellow at Newnham College, Cambridge.


Research Interests

Dr Asiya Islam’s research explores the gendered politics of class formation in urban India. In addition to addressing the under-exploration of gender in class analysis and the lack of attention to the politics of ‘becoming’ middle class, her work takes a ground-up approach by seeking women’s narratives about their identities and aspirations at the interconnected sites of family, work and leisure.