Professor Sucheta Nadkarni

BS, MCom, PhD

Professorial Fellow

Professor Sucheta Nadkarni

College Jobs

  • Professorial Fellow

University Jobs

  • Sinyi Professor of Chinese Management, Judge Business School
  • Head of the Strategy & International Business subject group



Professor Sucheta Nadkarni


Newnham College is sad to announce that Prof Sucheta Nadkarni has died after a short illness (October 2019). She is much missed by her colleagues, friends and students.

Research Interests


Sucheta’s research interests lie in two broad areas:

Strategic leadership: She explores the “people side of strategy” by seeking to answer questions such as how do CEOs and top management teams shape key strategic behaviours such as innovation, corporate entrepreneurship and strategic flexibility? Which industry and organisational factors determine the types of executive profiles needed to gain competitive superiority through innovation, flexibility and adaptation to environments?

Competitive dynamics: She investigates questions such as: how do firms outperform rivals? What are the sources of competitive advantage? What role does language play in intensifying competitive wars?

Sucheta has conducted research in large firms as well as small and medium sized enterprises in the United States, India, China and Ecuador. She has investigated strategies in hi-tech industries such as the aerospace and semiconductor as well as service industries such as airline and business process outsourcing (BPO).