Ms Srishti Krishnamoorthy-Cavell

BA, MA, MRes

Special Supervisor

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  • Special Supervisor in English



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Srishti Krishnamoorthy is currently a third year doctoral candidate in English and is supported by the Newnham College Principal’s Prize Research Studentship. She holds previous degrees from Mount Carmel College and the English and Foreign Languages University in India, and from London Consortium (University of London) in the UK. She recently represented Cambridge at the European Universities Debating Championship where she was a semi-finalist.

Research Interests

Her research examines the intersection of botanical poetics and sexual politics in avant garde poetry by women in Britain and North America from 1990 to the present. She has previously worked under feminist film critic Laura Mulvey on the construction of the boarding school as a sexual space in cinema. She hopes to work on the avant garde poetics of motherhood, botanical gestures in contemporary experimental poetry, pedagogic spaces and ecopoetic contexts, and the cultural history of chalk in (separate) future projects.

Her research interests include contemporary poetry, Modernist fiction and poetry, Post-structuralism, film theory, ecopoetics, gender and sexuality (including feminisms, body studies, queer theory and psychoanalysis) and boarding school narratives.