Ms Yui Kajita

BA, MPhil

Special Supervisor

Photograph of Yui Kajita, Special Supervisor in English

College Jobs

  • Special Supervisor

University Jobs

  • PhD Candidate in the Faculty of English



Photograph of Yui Kajita, Special Supervisor in English


I studied English literature for my BA at Doshisha University, Kyoto. An undergraduate exchange programme to St Catharine’s College drew me back to Cambridge for an MPhil in Modern and Contemporary Literature. I am currently a PhD candidate at Newnham College.

Research Interests

My current research focuses on the synergetic echoes between the poetry and prose of Thomas Hardy (1840-1928) and Walter de la Mare (1873-1956), with particular attention to ghostly sounds, imagining the unknown, and experiences of reading and writing.

Other research interests include rhythm, style, patterning; poetic knowing and belief; embodied experience of reading; sensory and synaesthetic perception in literature; ghostliness in literary language; notebooks and manuscripts; sound studies.