Current Junior Research Fellows

We currently have nine Junior Research Fellows in the Newnham College Fellowship.

Our Fellowships offer an opportunity for outstanding early-career researchers to carry out independent research in a stimulating and supportive academic community and to meet established researchers across a range of disciplines.

For details of current and future Fellowship opportunities, please see our Research Fellowships page.


Photo of Dr Elise Burton, Junior Research Fellow

Dr Elise Burton

Associates’ Research Fellow

Dr Elise Burton, a historian of science and society in the modern Middle East, is currently the Associates’ Research Fellow at Newnham College.

Dr Elise Burton’s research page

Dr Hana D’Souza

Beatrice Mary Dale Research Fellowship

Dr Hana D’Souza is a Visiting Fellow in the Department of Psychology, University of Cambridge and an Associate Research Fellow at the Centre for Brain and Cognitive Development, Birkbeck, University of London. As part of the London Down Syndrome (LonDownS) Consortium, she has been investigating individual differences and interactions between various domains and levels of description across development in infants and toddlers with Down syndrome.

Dr Hana D’Souza’s research page

Dr Kirsty Sinclair Dootson

Henry Sidgwick Research Fellow

Dr Kirsty Sinclair Dootson is an art historian with a particular interest in how technologies have shaped visual culture. She is currently the Henry Sidgwick Research Fellow at Newnham College.

Dr Kirsty Sinclair Dootson’s research page

Dr Gabriella Heller

Rosalind Franklin Research Fellow

Dr Gabriella Heller’s research focuses on intrinsically disordered proteins and whether and how they can be targeted by small molecule therapeutics using a combination of computational and experimental biophysical techniques.

Dr Gabriella Heller’s research page

Photograph of Dr Susan Imrie, Amy Whiteley Research Fellow

Dr Susan Imrie

Amy Whiteley Research Fellow

Dr Susan Imrie’s research explores family functioning in new family forms, with a focus on parent-child relationship quality, child development and children’s perceptions of their families.

Dr Susan Imrie’s research page

Dr Asiya Islam

Joyce Lambert Research Fellow

Dr Asiya Islam’s research explores the gendered politics of class formation in urban India.

Dr Asiya Islam’s research page

Photo of Dr Naomi Moris

Dr Naomi Moris

Constance Work Research Fellow

Dr Naomi Moris’ research is in the field of developmental biology, which involves studying early embryo development and how individual cells make decisions.

Dr Naomi Moris’ research page

Dr Gemma Murray

Wheldale Onslow Research Fellow

Dr Gemma Murray is an evolutionary biologist. She is interested in the influence of natural selection on the evolution of populations,especially in relation to the evolution of bacterial pathogens.

Dr Gemma Murray’s research page

Dr Sakthy Selvakumaran

Isaac Newton Trust Research Fellow

Dr Sakthy Selvakumaran’s research interests focus on contributing toward more sustainable and resilient cities. She has particular expertise in using remote sensing (satellite monitoring) to understand its relevance, utilisation, and limitations to urban environments and civil engineering applications.

Dr Sakthy Selvakumaran’s research page