Combating harassment and sexual misconduct

Newnham College is committed to maintaining an environment for study, work and living which is free from harassment and sexual misconduct of any kind.

Sexual harassment is any form of unwanted verbal, non-verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature, or with a sexual element. It is especially serious if continued after it has been made clear that the behaviour is unwanted. Sexual harassment includes, but is not limited to: unwelcome comments, innuendo, gestures or contact; unwelcome display of body or images; stalking or following; and conduct verging on criminal sexual assault. Sexual harassment may be of individuals or groups, by individuals or groups or by incitement of others.

Newnham College will not tolerate or condone sexual harassment or assault of any kind. Accordingly the College will:

  • promote a culture of zero tolerance of sexual harassment or assault;
  • treat reports of assault or harassment seriously and respond to them effectively;
  • and support victims in reporting cases and afterwards.

Matters will be kept strictly confidential to those involved, unless possible serious harm to others dictates otherwise. Harassment may result in disciplinary action and in serious cases may lead to removal of offenders from the College. All members of the College are responsible for ensuring that Newnham is kept free of sexual harassment.

If you have been sexually harassed

If you feel that you have been sexually harassed, please speak to one of the following

(The College will ensure that these officers have received appropriate advice and any necessary training in how to respond to reported cases of sexual assault or harassment.)

If you have witnessed sexual harassment

  • please report the incident to one of the above members of College

Depending on the circumstances, and after discussion, the procedure followed may then be either

  1. the Procedure for solving problems and complaints by students,
  2. or the Procedure in cases of serious disciplinary offence.

Sexual (and physical) assault and rape are serious criminal offences.The College recommends that cases be reported to the police, who have the authority and resources to investigate. However, the College and University will provide information and advice, through one or more of the officers mentioned above, to support a victim in deciding what steps to take following an assault, and will ensure that a victim has appropriate welfare and other support.

More information and guidance

The Office of Student Conduct, Complaints and Appeals (OSCCA) has a very helpful webpage which explains the process of reporting harassment.

The University has a specialist Sexual Assault and Harassment Adviser who provides emotional and practical support to anyone who has been raped, sexually assaulted, or harassed, recently or in the past.